Influenced by Travel { 1 }


They are the key to leaving the country!  Legally.

You can travel through your own local area or country but to HAVE  a passport in your hands allows one to cross over most magical boundaries.  A passport gives you the power to immerse yourself in another culture’s religion, food, customs and so much more.  A passport gives you the ability to move around the globe.

My little family of Passports.  They make me smile thinking of where we went and where we will go.

One day I plan on hanging a map on my wall so I can throw a dart.  Wherever it lands is the country I will visit. Leaving fate in the hands of a bar game probably is not the wisest way to pick a destination.  Yet, I think it would be fun and interesting to see how it turns out.  Perhaps one day I will get to do just that.

They can be the greatest Travel Inspiration!  I believe that everyone should have a Passport!


  • Do you have a Passport?
  • Have you been out of your country?
  • Where did you go?
  • Where do you want to go in the future?

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