Influenced by –> This Song Will Save Your Life

Book Review  { 3 } 


Leila Sales
{Published} Farrar, Straus & Giroux on Sept. 17th 2013
{Series} Stand Alone
{Genres}  Music, Young Adult, Realistic Fiction, Coming of Age, Contemporary 
{Source}  Library

My Simple Thoughts:

Not only is this cover beautiful with the headphones and the side shot but I was overly excited to read a book within the music genre.  I tend to find them fun and fascinating to read.  Once I opened the book I devoured it.  Finding between the covers a mess of wonderful songs and a raw coming of age story.

Elise is the one person who never belonged to a particular group of kids at school and she had no one to call a friend.  Even so I liked her straight away. She is a young girl who is smart and excels at various things once she sets her mind to learn about them.

Determined not to be alone any longer she decided that taking her life would be the answer to this horrid situation of her teen years.  However, in the process she knew that she really didn’t want to die.  Instead she reached out to someone who she thought could become a friend to help her in this very desperate time.

“I had never killed myself before, so I had no idea what I would want to listen to when it was too late for me to skip to the next song.”  – page 24

Later she met a small group of wonderful people who befriended her and introduced her to a dance club called Start. They essentially grabbed her hand and saved her without knowing it. Not understanding how anyone could like her she was just unfamiliar with the term friend as she stumbled and learned that Vicky & Pippa became just that.

Introduced to the DJ, Charm, Elise blushed as learned about guys.  The good and the bad. Their talks about music were interesting and I loved how encouraging Charm was as he taught her a thing or two about being a DJ.  As she learned how to transition into new songs and read a croud she also figured out that accepting herself as she was, was just what she needed to do.  It was like watching a dried up bud bloom into a beautiful flower unexpectedly.

“Two boys near us stopped sucking face for long enough to scream out the chorus with everyone else.”  – page 45

This Contemporary Young Adult was a fun and sad read at the same time.  I wanted to hug Elise and tell her high school means nothing at all. It is just a small blip of ones life and she is wonderful just as she is.  I was so happy she found friends who basically did this for me.  The music concept is intriguing.  Due to it being easy to read, as well as, having developed realistic characters you can a connection with I would recommend this book to every young adult, struggling to find your place or not.

I recommended this book to my community library and they decided to order it!  I am so glad I did!

I Really Enjoyed This Book!!

Highly Recommended Coming of Age novel!

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