Influenced by Travel { 3 }

Penang National Park, Penang Island, Malaysia


Jungle Hiking


My Son & Park Gate


Turtle Beach

I traveled through Malaysia with my son on a budget.  We found Penang National Park as I flipped through a Lonely Planet guide that was laying around the hostel.  It is the first environmental protected reserve in Malaysia. It has several beaches, long hiking trails, & monkeys! Lucky for us it was free to get into. The bus route was also close to our hostel. Using local buses is always the cheapest way to go unless you are able to walk.

We packed up water and some fruit to spend the day in nature.

When we first got to the Park we signed into the register.  Grabbing a map we decided to head to Monkey Beach.  However, it seemed that everyone was going that way.  Quickly we verged off the Pantai Kerachut, aka Turtle Beach, because green turtles nest on this beach. It was a bit of a steep climb here and there and rather fun heading down.  After a snack, a swim & a brush with barnacles we headed to the turtle sanctuary which was sadly closed for Ramadan.


The Meromictic Lake


Monkey Beach

We also walked past one of the handful of meromictic lakes in the world, sea water on top and fresh water on bottom that do not mix.

Heading back around to hit Monkey Beach in the afternoon.  The hike across was not bad, we even had monkeys jumping over head from tree to tree for awhile. Then we had to go even farther to get the beach.  I was literally soaking sweat and ready to say lets call it a day. Yet, I could not.  It is a famous pristine beach that is said to be the spot where pirates always anchored. Sucking in a breath and grabbing some of our packed water we took a small break to look out over the cliffs and grab a few shots with the camera.


Waves crashing & my foot

Hiking to Turtle Beach and across to the famed Monkey Beach we found ourselves tired out once we got back to our hostel. We barely showered and found food before we past out easily.


  • Have you been out of your country?
  • Been to Malaysia?
  • Where should I visit next?

5 thoughts on “Influenced by Travel { 3 }

  1. amazing!yeah you should visit Malaysia more, we have a lot of other places too. Such as Kota Kinabalu Sabah(heritage, rainforest, orang utan, long houses, beaches, mount Kinabalu) Kuala Terengganu( beaches, batik, heritage, food). Langkawi (beaches, free tax shopping paradise) and lot more 🙂

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