Currently Reading —> Shadows of Asphodel

Last night I ran away from all of what was Thanksgiving to hide away in my room to get some reading in. I do love my family and there was no fighting or anything of the likes. I just really wanted to know what was next in the book. Also, I love my purple lights. They make reading my Nook Color in the night a treat.

I’m currently reading Shadows of Asphodel by Karen Kincey, only four more chapters left. This book was highly recommended by a dear book blogger friend.

I am enjoying it very much. The plot is unique and the characters are enjoyable. Yet, I feel like there could of been some more care taken with edits.

Let me explain. As a steampunk fantasy fiction with mercenaries, zeppelin airships, and clockwork galore, which I loved tremendously. However, I was taken aback when one of the characters called shot gun for the front seat of the car. Seriously! A modern sating right in the middle of the book. It bothered me & as you can tell it still does.

What are you currently reading?

2 thoughts on “Currently Reading —> Shadows of Asphodel

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