Influenced by —> Homecoming

Book Review  { 7 } 


Homecoming by Cecilia Robert
{Published} Cecilia Robert on Oct 25th 2013
{Series} Cloaked Devices #0.5
{Pages} 121 ebook
{Genres}  Adult Fiction, Steampunk, Paranormal, Fantasy Fiction, Shapeshifters

My Simple Thoughts:

Homecoming is an introductory novella for the upcoming Clocked Devices series had me up all hours of the night. A new imaginary world full of shapeshifters & steampunk gadgets combined with swoon worthy lads.

Sera Czedar was mated with Levian Grayson five long years ago. Five long ago, Sera ran away from her wedding bed, her home & family without leaving a snippet of a clue as to where she had gone. Let alone why.

Dear Lev’s tormented panther paced around in need of his mate. He would do anything to bring her home. Anything to have the other part of his soul finally home with him. The time has come to do just this after finally finding a clue to her whereabouts.

“Soul mates aren’t supposed to break their partner’s heart. They should be the ones holding it, guarding it against the world.”


Vanezia is a city known for its outcast citizens. Sera made herself home among the rift raft as a tenacious woman not to be trifled with less you want to feel the hurt. Known as Storm in the underground fighting ring she has solidly brought down robust opponents. Creating a name for herself that both humans and shifters feared.

“He rubbed his neck, curbing his wayward thoughts, then watched her as she swung her hands and punched tiny fists into the air, looking completely harmless.”

Even more has changed over the past five years then expected. Sera shocks Levian with some earth shattering news of her own. Will they be able to get past this twist? I’m happy to say that I was also very much shocked by this twist in the tale.

Get ready to flutter your fan and blush as the alpha male panther makes you swoon through some raw emotional desire and primal hotness. One can only say *purr* Seriously, he is one intense dominate kitty that made me grin on more than one occasion. Lev even had steadfast Sera swooning and weak the knees… several times over.

A fun fast read for an afternoon of cozy time on  your beloved reading chair!

** Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ebook which so ever did not influence my thoughts or review in any way. All thoughts are presented from my own distorted brain.**

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