Practically Me


Who I am…


I love to read & travel.  I am also currently addicted to Instagram.

  • I am a proud owner of a Kindle & Nook.
  • I am a proud owner of a well used Passport.
  • I am a proud owner of a Sony Nex-5n camera.


I am an enrolled member of a Native American tribe, although I look like my mother who is German.

I am currently living on a Indian Reservation in Wisconsin, USA.

Previously I was living and working in China & Thailand.


I have 3 boys and 3 cats!

Baking is what I do to wind down or warm up the house in the winter.

Recently I’ve been very involved with becoming more sustainable and eating organically.

Due to this I support reading ebooks and visiting your local library to save trees but still have inky goodness!


My hobbies are expensive addictions but I would have it no other way!!!


What Influenced by Books & Travel is…


Truly this is a personal blog where I can share blips of my life, travel & book love.

A place of my own to combine what I love into a nice neat space of the virtual world.




I also have a pseudo self that I LOVE!!!  However, I wanted a more personal blog to share the me that is REALLY me!

You can find my Steampunk Book Blog at where I am known as the Mad Scientist (MS).


One thought on “Practically Me

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog & liking some of my posts.

    It’s fascinating to read about your journey – baking, cats and other wonderful things! – and especially interesting that you are now living in Wisconsin. My award runner-up short story ‘Folly Á Deux – Madness In Two People’ is based there (it’s also free to read in full on the EllmanBooks blog via this link if you feel like a quick read:

    Drop by again soon. Always happy to hear from great book bloggers!
    Happy reading,

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